What Viewers Are Saying

What The Press is Saying

“Riveting…Debunks the notion that market-based ‘reforms’ will improve public education.”

— David Sciarra, Executive Director,
Education Law Center (Newark, NJ)

“A beautiful film– tremendously moving!…Everyone who values democratic education needs to see this.”

— Jonathan Kozol, Advocate for children and author of Savage Inequalities

“A cautionary tale that is real, it’s present, and the threat is closer than anyone realizes.”

— Barbara Silva, Public Education Advocate,
Support Our Students (Alberta, Canada)

“BACKPACK holds back no punches.”

Stephan Boissonneault – Vue Daily
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

“Terrific! An amazing accomplishment, full of meaning and emotion.”

— Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Educator and Author of
Taking Back Childhood

“A heartbreaking account of massive educational theft.”

— George Abbott White, Massachusetts public school teacher for 42 years

“Thought-provoking…A compelling argument against privatization and school vouchers.”

Michael Compton – Bowling Green Daily News
(Bowling Green, KY)

“Hard Hitting! People know in their gut that something is wrong but they don’t know the details. The film can get into every community and be used thousands of times.”

— Matthew Seig, Award Winning Filmmaker and
Media Specialist, NY Foundation for the Arts