Take Action!

After watching BACKPACK, many citizens are inspired to take action. They want to know,  

What Can We Do?

CONNECT WITH A GROUP in your area or your state that is working to make high quality preK-12 public education for ALL a major issue, and is standing up to the threat of privatization. Click here to see a list of organizations that actively support fair, equitable public schools, many of which have local chapters and monitor upcoming legislation.

LEARN THE FACTS. Our website is a great place to start.  Explore FAQs On the Issues to find information about charters, vouchers and testing, and answers to questions like, “Why does the media keep saying that public schools are failing?” Or,  “I’m a parent. Are you saying I shouldn’t send my child to a charter or voucher school if it seems like a better fit?”

GET INVOLVED and attend events at your local schools. Get to know your educators and school board members and find out what the issues are where you live. Volunteer! Learn about positive models for improving schools. Remember that the best schools are based on thriving partnerships with the people who live and work in their community.

ADVOCATE FOR FAIR FUNDING and supporting teachers as professionals.  Resist policies that privatize public education. Ask your legislators and candidates where they stand on these issues. Invite them, with community members, to a screening and discussion of Backpack Full of Cash.

START A CONVERSATION. Post on social media. Blog. Write letters to the editor. Make public education an election issue. When necessary, mobilize and demonstrate!  

CONTACT LEGISLATORS. Find your senators and congressional representatives here: